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Realize your potential with CIC Group

Whether you are a recent graduate or an experienced professional, CIC Insurance Group Plc is hiring in a variety of careers tracks and offers a supportive workplace that encourages success.

Discover our latest opportunities

What’s in it for you

  • Work with a talented team
  • Continuous growth and learning
  • Supportive and approachable leadership
  • Team spirit and commitment

Attractive benefits

  • Focus on your health: a flexible and attractive benefits plan in our medical and life insurance to take care of you and your loved ones
  • Investment in your future: we invest in your future through a generous retirements benefits plan
  • Rest and relaxation: a friendly and flexible leave plan for our employees

Application Process


Apply for the job (or submit a professional profile)

Screening (with HR)

Job related task evaluation (skill test)

In-person interview (with potential manager/team)

Evaluation and Job Offer (have you been successful?)

Join the Team (Join the team and enjoy)
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